Freelancing in the Creative Industries

by Karen Le Rossignol

Publisher: Oxford University Press ANZ

Publication Date: November 20, 2015

ISBN: 9780195598261

Binding: Paperback

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What are the most challenging aspects of freelancing in the creative Industries? Freelancing requires a breadth of skills across managing projects and timelines, having the space and energy to maintain a creative practice and knowing how to get work into the marketplace.Freelancing in the Creative Industries is a reference that will guide you through your journey as an emerging freelancer in the arts. With an emphasis on creative thinking and problem solving through diverse case studies, this book will help you to become an adaptable freelancer who is able to think strategically in an ever-changing arts sector. It encourages emerging freelance practitioners to open their minds to diverse ways of practicing, such as exploring cross-disciplinary practices or developing creative online marketing strategies. And although it has a strong focus on freelancing skills across creative arts areas, it also takes examples and references from various sectors including: visual arts, writing, performing arts, music, new media arts and cross-disciplinary arts. Key Features Build up a freelance portfolio with reflective learning activities in each chapter. These activities help apply the content of the chapters to individual practice. They accumulate throughout the book so that by the end emerging or student creative artists will have a portfolio that is directly related to their field of practice.Case studies of creative freelancers focus on the core practice/business skills. This helps guide the learning through concrete examples of how others have shaped their career and solved problems, illustrating how readers can adapt ideas to their own practices.Includes examples from a range of industries. By focusing on core skills (effective communication tools, networking, project management), it is possible to draw from a range of industries with application to any creative freelancer.Each chapter lists further tools that can assist freelancers.