Forgiveness: The Healing Power Of Forgiveness: Discover How To Use The Power Of Forgiveness To Truly Live A Much Happier, Productive And Fulfilling Life

by Ace McCloud

Publisher: Pro Mastery Publishing

Publication Date: March 15, 2017

ISBN: 9781386710639

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Are you tired of suffering from the pain of old wounds that won't go away? Do you wish you could just let it all go and be truly happy again?

Whether you want to (1) eliminate negative thoughts and emotions, (2) let go of grudges and thoughts of revenge, or (3) free your mind and be happy again, then this is the book for you.

Don't let old grudges and negative memories ruin your valuable time on this planet.

The longer we harbor hostility in our hearts, the more our mind and body is poisoned and the less happy and productive we become. The devastating health and psychological effects from not having the ability to forgive and let go have been well documented. In this book I will show you the easy to use and wonderful ways that forgiveness can boost our physical and emotional health!

Forgiveness is a powerful gift that you give to yourself.

If forgiveness were always simple and straightforward, there would be no need for this book. While the act of forgiving is a choice, it seldom occurs as an immediate response to being wronged. Most of the time, forgiveness is a process that involves awareness of the pain that one suffers and acknowledgment of the effects of the wrong on our life. This book will teach you world class strategies to let go of the pain of the past so you can focus with happiness and clarity on the present. You will receive practical actions that you can easily practice each day to continue towards forgiveness and a life of true freedom.

Forgiveness is not the same as condoning wrongdoing.

We can forgive without setting ourselves up for further wounding**.** Forgiveness is the process of releasing ourselves from bondage to the wrong that was done to us. We refuse to let the other person hold our happiness ...