Food for Thought

25 Ways to Protect Yourself from Disease and Promote Excellent Health
by Ray Morgan
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Publication Date: January 12, 2018

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One of the greatest secrets you can ever learn is that you have the power to heal yourself. Perhaps you have thought of this statement yourself. If you have, then you were right on target. Maybe you have come to the conclusion that this special gift belongs only to certain persons; the most spiritually advanced or the most brilliant in the practice of medicine, or psychotherapy.

Perhaps you believe that there is something mysterious, even mystical about healing. Throughout the ages, the word healing has been associated with superstition and even strange practices. Today we hear a lot about spiritual healing as a result of prayer, the laying on of hands, and healing services at church or revival meetings.

With all of this awareness, most people still think their health is dependent opon some source other than themselves. We must come to the understanding that many illnesses come not only from a lack of life-giving food but from our ill thoughts and feelings about ourself, others, our Creator, and the world in which we live. These ill thoughts constrict the life force within us, causing dis-ease or lack of ease. It is very interesting to note that the word ill derives from the words evil, wrong or incorrect. It is literally our evil, disagreeable, out of balance, incorrect thoughts and feelings. These feelings are located in your body and plays havoc with your health..