Finding This Place

One Woman's Journey Beyond Restriction
by Marcia Breece
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Publisher: Publishing-Partners

Publication Date: January 20, 2018

ISBN: 9781937454098

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At a very young age, Marcia Breece came face to face with a disconcerting truth that would haunt her for decades. Because she was a girl, she would be molded to fulfill a role that had long been defined for her: to be obedient, coy, and self-effacing—and forever secondary to men. The free-spirited, independent nature Marcia demonstrated as a young child slowly eroded, unable to withstand the powerful influence of societal expectations and the autocratic rule of the men in her life. Like most women of the time, Marcia dutifully succumbed to what she came to think of as Training to be just a girl. She married, had two children, and became the typical helpmate to a patriarchal husband. And yet...she could never quite silence a nagging inner voice that said life could offer her so much more than a supporting role. Finding This Place beautifully recounts Marcia's remarkable journey as she breaks the chains of Training and struggles to find the person within. It is a story that will inspire both women and men to follow one's own path—no matter how bumpy—and inevitably arrive at a place that is uniquely their own.