Figure Instructor

by Lisa Bender
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Publisher: Xlibris US

Publication Date: June 27, 2015

ISBN: 9781469134529

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Anyone would not expect an axel full of drama in the world of competitive figure skating. Ever since dog trainer Daniel Gray met and fell in love with figure Ladies’ gold medalist, Sally Hunt, the way to trust Sally’s mother, Joy, was always filled with flipping words and little brackets of truth. His biggest fall from the blades happened after popping the question to Sally. The Pet trainer was forced to learn figure skating if he wanted his future in-laws to approve his request of marrying their daughter. As if that was not enough for Danny to deal with in life, he also needed to get over the fear of interacting to the dog’s owners in his Pet training job. His boss warned his dog trainer if he did not get the owners involved with his dog training technique before his next dog training evaluation, he was going to lose his job position. Danny was determined to win over his future in-laws and get over his fear in the training booth by going ice skating one Saturday afternoon. He met and befriend hard-core figure skater Allison Rigden. She was also Sally Hunt’s competitor. Not only Daniel Gray entered in the world of figure skating, Allison, a.k.a Ally-Loop, showed him how to be a better instructor for his Pet training job and he in returned helped Ally be more open toward other people, especially when it came to love for her with PHL’s Tiger Shark’s Captain, Richard McCarthy. As Danny comprehend figure skating on and off ice, he did see and learn about the mysterious drama that goes on between Joy and Sally during competition season. Little did the figure student know his Figure Instructor had kept a dark juicy secret behind Sally’s skating talent that did not involve the sunshine gold medalist to do long hours of figure practice on and off ice. After finding out the truth of his fiancee’s extraordinary skills and creating a plan to expose the Hunt’s cheating scheme, would Danny still want to be with his sunshine girl or was there going be a wedding for the once ...