Drying Wood with a Solar Kiln: Plans Included

by John Davidson

Publisher: Mendon Cottage Books

Publication Date: April 18, 2016

ISBN: 9781311259851

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Table of Contents

Benefits of Using Wood
Drying of Wood
Why is Wood Drying Necessary?
Wood Drying Points and Categories
Benefits of Wood Drying Process:
Different Methods Used in the Wood Drying Process:
Different Types of Kilns Used for Wood Drying:
Solar Kiln:
Conventional Kiln:
Vacuum Kilns:
Dehumidification Kiln:
Solar Kiln Wood Drying and its Advantages:
Key Features of a Solar Kiln:
The Mechanism of the Solar Kiln Wood Drying:
Important Indicators Used in the Solar Kiln for Wood Drying:
Moisture Reading:
Moisture Meter:
Appropriate MC Level:
Types of Solar Kiln Designs:
The Greenhouse Design:
The Semi-Greenhouse Design:
The Opaque Wall Design:
How to Build a Solar Kiln for Wood Drying
Selection of the kiln design:
Building the Solar Kiln:
Assembling the Solar Kiln:
Important Considerations While Building the Solar Kiln:
The Storage:
The Circulation System:
The Ventilation System:
The Glazing Material used:
Insulation of the Walls:
Size of the Collector:
Plans for Building a Solar Kiln
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Among the thousands of natural resources present in the world, wood is one of the most popular ones. It was not until the turn of the previous century that the human dependence on wood was higher than any other sources of energy. It was considered to be a one of the wonders of nature that was created to provide comfort and support to the humanly civilized way of living. Although there is no historical confirmation about the first use of wood by humans, still it dates back to a very long period of time when it was a major lifestyle resource for our ancestors from the ancient times. Wood was utilized not just as a source of heating or drawing energy, but also as a material for making tools, household furniture, ...