Dower's Prairie through the Seasons

by Steve Hubner

Publisher: Economo E-Books LLC

Publication Date: March 13, 2017

ISBN: 9781939624109

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Steve Hubner’s photographs and insights reveal a remarkable vista into the rare and nearly vanished prairie of Lafayette County, Wisconsin. Hubner describes how he and his family have worked to protect and restore about 15 acres of prairie that had a history of light dairy-cattle grazing. Ecologists recognize Dower’s Prairie as one of the finest examples of a deep-soil mesic prairie found east of the Mississippi River. Over 30 years ago, Hubner began protecting and restoring a back corner of the Dower family’s dairy farm. The results are simply beautiful. Few have a chance to see this prairie. There is no public access. It cannot be seen from a road. This e-book is Steve Hubner’s way to invite you to visit Dower’s prairie with him. The book features over 45 photographs, each with Hubner’s colorful commentary about the restoration process and its heart-felt results. Hubner identifies 50 native and five invasive plant species that are visible in the photographs. An appendix lists both common and scientific plant names.
This timeless book will be of interest to those considering or already involved in identifying, protecting, and restoring the last best examples of native ecosystems. The founder of The Prairie Enthusiasts, Gary Eldred, wrote in the Foreword: “The Dower’s Prairie project is an outstanding example of the passion that a human can give as a lover and steward of nature and of the never-ending hope that future generations will love and cherish nature’s ecosystems as Steve Hubner does.”
Sales of this e-book help continue and expand the protection and restoration of Dower’s prairie.