Disease Reprieve

Living into the Golden Years
by Dr. T. C. McDaniel
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Publisher: Xlibris US

Publication Date: February 03, 2018

ISBN: 9781477163931

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The Golden Years Society Inc. is pleased to announce the publication of Disease Reprieve by Dr. T. C. McDaniel. Dr. McDaniel is a sole practitioner in Cincinnati, specializing in Cardiovascular-Renal disease. He writes in detail about his 35 years of research in an effort to cure his personal health problems, and outlines in detail how he applied those scientific principles to the care and treatment of more than 10,000 patients.

For the first time, both Physicians and patients will learn the components of The Wheel of MisFortune. This teaching device has been used successfully in Seminars for Physicians in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Now you can learn how to apply these scientific principles to your own health care.

A Physician enjoys no greater advantage than his or her patient, succumbing to the ravages of disease at an average age of 57. Cardiovascular-Renal Disease takes more than a million lives each year, the majority long before retirement age.

As the Medical Director of The Golden Years Society, Dr. McDaniel shares the story of his family - six senior citizens from ages 70 - 93. These siblings enjoy the cumulative advantages of Disease Reprieve regimen, without assisted living, wheel chairs or canes. They have a cumulative 126 years of Social Security benefits, a result of living longer than the Actuaries predicted.

Dr. McDaniel is 85, conducts a full medical practice, has published two books, and frequently lectures to civic organizations and medical groups.

The Government estimates the cost of Cardiovascular Disease in 1999 to be in excess of 260 billion dollars. The Golden Years Society watched with interest a press conference in early 1997, announcing FDA approval of a drug they called 'the first new approach to the treatment of heart failure approved by the FDA in 14 years'! One Physician attending this press conference stated with great sincerity that heart failure is a life threatening condition whose ...