Discover the Five Elements

by Bai Qing

Publisher: Madreterra

Publication Date: December 17, 2015

ISBN: 1230000851251

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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This magnificent little book explains the Five Elements according to Feng Shui Ba Gua. Including a Chinese Calligraphy for each element, this book explains in a straight forward way the different sectors in your home and what they represent. According to the Feng Shui, a good harmony in these different sectors brings happiness and success.


The Elements are also part of the Chinese Astrology. In fact, each and every one of us has a dominant element that will influence our perceptions and our way to react.


For you or to offer the ones dear to your heart, something to discover in Family of with your friends!!!


This book has been made with love at the sweetest price.