Dirty Dishes

Memoirs of a Bawdy Chef
by vincent falco

Publisher: The Troy Book Makers

Publication Date: July 07, 2016

ISBN: 9781614683476

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Dirty Dishes is a memoir of unprecedented content. This retold autobiographical journey of a prominent and successful rising star in the Atlanta culinary scene of the 80's is imbued with raw and erotic sexual vignettes, each one more fantastic and outlandish than the other. A true story in every detail, this salacious, naughty tale transpires under the roof of one of Atlanta's most prominent seafood restaurants of the mid-eighties, Falco's. Unbelievably graphic and sprinkled generously with tantalizing details of super-erotic episodes, this unbelievable narrative is alluring and seductive. With a generous dose of real restaurant vernacular, outrageous behind the scenes anecdotes, and intoxicating kitchen incidents, this captivating chronicle seduces the reader with its heady sexual energy and potent erotic circumstances. As the tale unfolds, Chef Falco transcends the typical "bad-boy" reputation of even the most dastardly chefs of contemporary times, tempting us at every turn with more and more lewd, obscene interactions, But the clever juxtaposition of the food, the "meat and potatoes" so to speak, with the intense, bawdy sexual interludes, offers the reader a rare glimpse into the "vulgar" underbelly of an oftentimes grossly romanticized profession. The sheer sexual energy and the powerfully graphic depictions reverberate within us all. Our typically prudish sometimes suppressed sexuality finds a certain identity and familiarity within this "dark" journey despite the vile and wicked debauchery of the protagonist, Vincent Falco. In truth, it is the very debauched details, the racy undercurrent in this lewd story that find not only a certain resonance in us all but even a certain satisfaction and familiarity, a peculiar intrigue and fascination that suddenly arises from the repressed psycho-sexual alter egos within us all. And this is precisely why the memoir's erotic details, though vulgar and obscene, are thoroughly enticing, completely titillating, and ...