Dealing with Natural Disasters In libraries

by William Miller & Rita M Pellen
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Publisher: Taylor and Francis

Publication Date: October 12, 2020

ISBN: 9781136791635

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Learn from those who actually dealt with disaster!

Regardless of the type of library, natural disasters can have catastrophic effects on its collections and artifacts. Dealing with Natural Disasters in Libraries provides an inside look at different disasters and how diverse types of libraries dealt with the consequences. This useful resource covers a wide range of natural disasters, including flood, fire, water damage, mold, sick building syndrome, and hurricane damage. Librarians from different types of libraries describe personal efforts to cope with real-life cases of disaster, and discuss principles and lessons which can be used to plan for-and better respond to-future catastrophic occurrences.

Every library should have a disaster plan in place. Dealing with Natural Disasters in Libraries provides realistic guidance on how to best prepare for catastrophic damage and loss, and practical suggestions on how to best respond once disaster does strike. These authors use their unique perspectives on having lived through a disaster to provide a close examination of lessons learned. This crucial book includes a selected bibliography and a series of case studies that illustrate what other librarians did to repair and rebuild collections and facilities after experiencing some of the most challenging circumstances imaginable. Managing people, education and training, the creation of a disaster plan, the treatment of damaged materials, recovery of materials, and the successful rebuilding of a library after its complete destruction are all discussed in detail.

Dealing with Natural Disasters in Libraries examines:

  • case studies of different types of disasters and effective responses
  • steps small libraries should take during the first month after a disaster
  • strategies to deal with fire, smoke, and water damage issues
  • what to do to avoid mold growth after moisture problems or water damage
  • fixing ...