The Importance and Value of Proper Bible Study [Second Edition]
by R. A. Torrey & Edward D. Andrews

Publisher: Christian Publishing House

Publication Date: August 13, 2016

ISBN: 1230001310238

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Why is personal and family Bible study so important in our life now? How can we apply the Word of God in our lives? How can we use the Bible to help others? How can we effectively use the Scriptures when teaching others? How can we make decisions God’s way? How can Bible principles help us to decide wisely? Why should we have faith in God and his word? The Psalmist tells us, God’s Word “is a lamp to my foot, and a light for my path”?Psalm 119:105.

Since the Bible is a gift from God, the time and effort that we put into our personal Bible Study is a reflection of how much we appreciate that gift. What do our personal Bible study habits reveal about the depth of our appreciation of God’s Word? Certainly, the Bible is a deep and complex book, and reading and studying are not easy at times. However, with time and effort, we can develop a spiritual appetite for personal Bible study. (1 Peter 2:2) Nevertheless, if such personal Bible study is to result in our developing godly devotion, our objective cannot be simply to cover pages of material or to fill your mind with information. Rather, when we read and study a portion of God’s Word, we must take the time to reflect on the material. How rewarding our personal Bible study can become if we do it in a thorough manner. If we buy out the time as to our personal Bible study, we will reap a strong faith, a bright hope, and preparedness for sharing our faith with others. Do not allow the love for God’s Words that we had in the beginning to fade. We need to keep our first love strong by serious personal Bible study, regular Christian meetings, and zealously sharing our faith with others.