Crystal Healing: 25 Lessons to Use Crystals for Healing and CleansingCrystal Healing, Crystals, crystal healing jewelry, crystal healing books, crystals healing, pranic crystal healing, healing with c

by Jake Watson

Publisher: Cloud 42 Solutions

Publication Date: October 23, 2017

ISBN: 9781536534450

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Crystal healing is a little-known but hugely beneficial practice for those interested in spiritual growth. It is connected with homeopathic medicine, and thus functions as a component of the holistic approach towards healthy living, playing its part alongside such practices as aromatherapy, meditation, Chakra alignment and Yoga. Anyone interested in the practice of these things should consider incorporating crystal healing into their lives. It requires little effort, but can have a potent effect on your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical wellbeing if practiced.

This book provides you with an introduction to the practice of crystal healing for personal growth and development. 

It provides you with a framework to follow and research in the following aspects:
-The Shapes of Crystals
-Choosing your Stones
-Cleansing your Stones
-Why Crystal Healing Works
-Understanding the Seven Chakras

If self-improvement is a goal you uphold, then this book contains information on a powerful practice that can help you develop every aspect of your being. The skills of the ancient healers are still very much alive, and available for you to practice safely for your own benefit. Please make use of all that is available to you to improve your life and experience the wonders of all planes of existence!