Creating an Authentic Platform and Transcending the Lower Matrix

A Manual for the Graduating Class
by Margaret Doner
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Publisher: iUniverse

Publication Date: January 15, 2018

ISBN: 9781532001307

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What does it mean to build an authentic platform and transcend the lower matrix? Those of you who have already started the journey toward self-awareness might answer quickly, feeling confident that you know the answer. Others of you might hesitate. Enlightenment is a journey; not a destination. Growth happens. Beliefs come and go, to be replaced by newer ideas and concepts. Being rigid is easy, but being fluid, open, flexible, awake and aware requires tremendous emotional, spiritual, and mental strength and courage. The true Seeker welcomes the challenge of new ideas and knows that the experience is the gift.

This book is designed to challenge and expand your ideas about yourself and your world. I call it a manual for the graduating class because when the soul reaches the mature or old soul age, it realizes that it is time to prepare for the journey back Home. The reintegration of our many selves, strewn by reincarnation through time/space, is an important step in the re-empowering of the present-day self. Through the process of conscious soul retrieval, we create a new authentic platform, and learn to trust the self.