Cooking With Columbo: Suppers With The Shambling Sleuth - Episode guides and recipes from the kitchen of Peter Falk and many of his Columbo co-stars

by Jenny Hammerton

Publisher: Jenny Hammerton

Publication Date: February 16, 2018

ISBN: 9781370744336

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Grab your rumpled raincoat, chomp down on a cigar, and rattle those pots and pans. It’s time to braise, broil, chop, chill, grill, roast, and poach with the world’s most beloved sleuth!

Columbo super-fan, Jenny Hammerton, offers an episode by episode guide, focusing on the food and drink which are so prominently sprinkled throughout the greatest television detective series ever made.

She guides you through cherry-picked, episode-specific recipes and suggests ways to make your Columbo dinner party, the talk of the town. Beyond the expected hard-boiled eggs and chili, you’ll find many other ideas for delicious dinners that are sure to entice every armchair detective.

Jenny is the proprietress of the widely popular, Silver Screen Suppers blog site. She has plundered her archive (of more than 7000 movie star recipes) for the favorites of the Lieutenant himself, Peter Falk, and those of his many stellar co-stars.

Rustle up a big batch of Johnny Cash’s perfectly-seasoned Chili for a screening of Swan Song (with lots of chums). Serve Dick Van Dyke’s delectable Breast of Chicken Florentine to your sweetie, while watching Negative Reaction. Pamper yourself with Janet Leigh’s heavenly Cheese Soufflé, an indulgent dinner for one with Forgotten Lady to entertain you.

“Food is an ever-present and enjoyable ingredient of the show. I can only commend author Jenny, for her passion for the subject matter and her devotion to the Columbo cause. What you have here, is a fantastic collection of recipes, suitable for every occasion.” The Columbophile, internationally renowned Columbo expert