Conversations with the Goddess: Encounter at Petra Place of Power

by Dorothy Atalla

Publisher: Dorothy Atalla

Publication Date: March 28, 2019

ISBN: 9780984447312

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Dorothy Atalla’s tale in Conversations with the Goddess: Encounters at Petra, Place of Power begins with her personal experience communicating with a divine feminine presence; however that is only the beginning of the story. Personal connection swiftly gives way to a larger story, one in which all readers may participate. Conversations moves us between ancient times and our modern day world, propelling us on a spiritual journey to seeking answers to questions asked for centuries. With these answers psychic energy is freed from spiritual conflict. This alone is empowering. As well, insights into the ancient times of the Goddess gives readers a feeling of coming home, and inspires women’s awakening to the prominent role they play in the future.

As Atalla’s conversations progressed her perceptions about being female changed too.
She began to see that her body was not separate from a spiritual intention on earth. As
a result, her view about her place in the universe changed. She recognized that her life
as a woman was part of a vast and ancient tapestry. That tapestry spanned immense
time frames in earth’s evolution and it was woven of many dimensions. Atalla invites
her readers to understand what it means to be part of an ancient universal story which
continues to unfold daily in their lives. The Goddess speaks, “There will be a new global
spirituality in which great numbers of people will experience me directly. Peoples’
thinking will change. When thinking changes, society changes.”