Continuous Practices: A Strategic Approach to Accelerating the Software Production System

by Daniel Ståhl & Torvald Mårtensson
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Publication Date: September 06, 2018

ISBN: 9781387717941

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Continuous integration, delivery and deployment promise rapid feedback and short turn-around times, which serve as enablers for greater responsiveness in the face of changing markets and disruptive technologies alike. It is this responsiveness to threats and opportunities that makes the difference between success and extinction in the software industry of tomorrow. Coverage includes an overview of the various continuous practices, explanations and guidance adapted to different contexts and circumstances and a concrete structured method to leverage continuous practices for your needs. Daniel Ståhl and Torvald Mårtensson have as researchers and practitioners observed, studied and participated in a multitude of software projects in a range of companies and segments of the software industry. Now they have teamed up to share their experiences and insights and provide hands-on guidance to software engineers looking to improve their continuous practices.