Conquering Fat Logic

how to overcome what we tell ourselves about diets, weight, and metabolism
by Nadja Hermann
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Publisher: Scribe Publications Pty Ltd

Publication Date: January 08, 2019

ISBN: 9781925693300

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Why do diets fail? Is it because of genetic disposition? A sluggish metabolism? An underactive thyroid? A behavioural psychologist reveals the truth about dieting, including how she lost over 50 kg in one year.

After years of failed diets, Dr Nadja Hermann weighed 150 kg at the age of 30. All her life, she had heard and read about hundreds of reasons why diets wouldn’t work for her. But when her weight started to seriously affect her health, she took a hard look at the science and realised that most of what she believed about dieting was a myth. What was more, those very myths were preventing her from losing weight.

Forget clean eating, paleo, or fasting — it was conquering these elements of ‘Fat Logic’ that nally led to Hermann achieving a healthy weight. One and a half years later, she weighed 65 kg, and has maintained that weight to this day. Now, using humour, the insight she’s acquired, and a dose of science, Hermann debunks widespread lies about weight loss, and shows how it is possible to attain a healthy weight.