Confessions of a Hostie: Airline Travel Tips

by Danielle Hugh

Publisher: Danielle Hugh

Publication Date: May 18, 2015

ISBN: 9781311999641

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Travel with confidence; it just takes the right preparation and approach.
Danielle Hugh is an international flight attendant with over 20 years flying around the world; also traveling extensively on her own time - experiencing both sides of airline travel. She answers many of air travels big questions: where to sit on a plane, how to travel with children, conquering fear of flying, when to check-in, how to pack efficiently, what luggage to take and how to avoid bags being lost or valuables stolen, what to carry onboard, how to be comfortable inflight, what medical equipment is onboard, and even revealing why airline coffee tastes lousy.
Amongst the handy tips are entertaining stories and practical advice on how to make the most of airline travel - to maybe even enjoy your flight; or, at worst, make it bearable.
As Danielle says: Airline travel is not so much about altitude; it’s about attitude.