Concreteness and Specificity in Clinical Psychology

Evaluations and Interventions
by Luciano L'Abate
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Publisher: Springer International Publishing

Publication Date: February 14, 2016

ISBN: 9783319132846

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This provocative volume updates L' Abate's signature ideas, focusing in particular on the concepts of concreteness and specificity as basic tenets of evaluation and therapy. Noting society's growing familiarity with technology, current concerns about treatment accessibility, and widespread interest in wellness promotion, he argues for remote-writing exercises targeted to specific client issues and monitored by the clinician instead of relying on traditional talk-based therapy. This attention to concreteness and specificity in baseline evaluation, post-treatment evaluation, and follow-up, the author asserts, is central to making treatment replicable, less subject to impasses or missteps, and more professional, with the potential of changing how therapy is conducted as well as how clinicians are trained and practice. The book's framework includes rationales, models, empirical data, and examples of prescriptive remote-writing exercises. 

Featured in the coverage: 

  • Online interventions: here to stay and to grow.
  • Verifiability in clinical psychology practices.
  • Present status and future perspectives for personality and family assessment.
  • Practice without theory/combining theory with practice.
  • Toward a unifying framework of human relationships
  • PIPES: Programmed Interactive Practice Exercise and Prescriptions.

Concreteness and Specificity in Clinical Psychology will bring a new level of discussion and debate among clinical psychology practitioners and practicing psychotherapists in private practice and the public sector.