Computational Approaches in the Transfer of Aesthetic Values from Paintings to Photographs

Beyond Red, Green and Blue
by Xiaoyan Zhang, Martin Constable, Kap Luk Chan & others
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Publisher: Springer Singapore

Publication Date: August 16, 2017

ISBN: 9789811035616

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This book examines paintings using a computational and quantitative approach. Specifically, it compares paintings to photographs, addressing the strengths and limitations of both. Particular aesthetic practices are examined such as the vista, foreground to background organisation and the depth planes. These are analysed using a range of computational approaches and clear observations are made. New generations of image-capture devices such as Google goggles and the light field camera, promise a future in which the formal attributes of a photograph are made available for editing to a degree that has hitherto been the exclusive territory of painting. In this sense paintings and photographs are converging, and it therefore seems an opportune time to study the comparisons between them. In this context, the book includes cutting-edge work examining how some of the aesthetic attributes of a painting can be transferred to a photograph using the latest computational approaches.