Classic Grounded Theory

Applications With Qualitative and Quantitative Data
by Isabelle Walsh & Dr. Judith A. Holton
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Publisher: SAGE Publications

Publication Date: March 02, 2016

ISBN: 9781483372563

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Classic Grounded Theory: Applications With Qualitative and Quantitative Data provides practical “how to” guidance for doing grounded theory (GT) using the classic approach articulated by Barney Glaser. Authors Judith A. Holton and Isabelle Walsh emphasize the philosophical flexibility of classic GT as a “full package” approach that can be applied to any study and any type of data where the goal is to discover and generate a conceptually integrated theory. Drawing on the experiences of novice researchers who have participated in GT troubleshooting seminars, the book provides step-by-step guidance on undertaking a research study that stays true to the classic GT practice paradigm.