CSS: A Power Course for Web Artists - Designing and styling websites with CSS3

by Team Htmleceous

Publisher: Htmleceous

Publication Date: September 10, 2015

ISBN: 9781516335909

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), the styling language used for websites, since its inception in 1996 has come a long way. Its latest incarnation is CSS3 that is completely compatible with the earlier specifications of CSS. This book is aimed at those who just started working on web design, CSS/CSS3 programming in particular. After completing this book, you would be able to style any website using CSS3 standards. 

This book will teach you to create complex layouts, effects, animations, transitions, transformations, and much more with CSS3 code. The CSS properties are explained with examples and screen captures. You will gain skills by completing the exercises provided in the book. 

Chapter-1: Getting Started with CSS 
Chapter-2: Identifying what to Select – Selectors 
Chapter-3: Working with the Box Model 
Chapter-4: Working with the Borders and Backgrounds 
Chapter-5: Working with Color 
Chapter-6: Formatting Text 
Chapter-7: Styling Lists, Table, Forms, and Cursors 
Chapter-8: Creating Layout 
Chapter-9: Animation, Transformations, and Transitions 

Tutorial-1: Styling a Simple Table 
Tutorial-2: Styling a table with rounded corner 
Tutorial-3: Styling a login form 
Tutorial-4: Creating fixed width Layout 
Tutorial-5: Creating a liquid Layout 

More info: bit.ly/css3-course