Breathing Space for New Mothers

How to Relax, Stretch, and Laugh--One Yoga Minute at a Time
by Alison Rogers


Publication Date: August 06, 2019

ISBN: 9781623173425

Binding: Paperback

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A humorous and gentle approach to becoming a new mom, with space to breathe, do yoga, and be "good enough," even if it's only through a one-minute yoga pose at a time.

In twelve humorous, practical, and compassion-filled chapters, yoga instructor Alison Rogers and co-author Erin White forge a new path through contemporary motherhood with their collection of gentle and generous suggestions for beginning and deepening a home yoga practice for new mothers; their treasury of authentic and honest stories of motherhood; and their original tools and metrics to synthesize their key messages. Organized around the first year of a baby's life and focusing on the keystones of a yoga class--but taking only one minute from a busy mom's schedule for a given exercise--readers go from a warm-up through the art of balancing and building core strength to the deep and rejuvenating rest of savasana, chapter by chapter. Through the sometimes awkwardly funny stories and "we've been there too" insights, the authors offer mothers a singular message- Your wellbeing matters as much as your baby's. Each chapter ends with a one-minute yoga pose, which can be done in a sequence (listed at the end of the book), to create a relaxing and balancing support for the incredibly demanding first year with a baby and to help mothers know that they are "good enough."