Box Set: Clutterfree: Clutter Free Living & Wellness - How To Declutter Your Home And Organize Your Life + Car Maintenance And Repair Tips For Beginners

by Helena Clarins & Michael Schuminger

Publisher: InfinitKidInspiration

Publication Date: July 17, 2015

ISBN: 9781516395088

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Box Set:

Book 1:

The goal of unclutter declutter your life is to show you the 9 top ways that you could apply today in order to lead a healthier lifestyle and become more effective and successful with everything that you are doing.

This book is going to guide you through the 9 best ways to declutter your home, workplace, and life. This decluttering system is going to help achieve this goal. Once you have been able to apply this system, you are automatically going to feel happier and more productive. Once you have achieved these goals, you are going to be able to lead a healthier lifestyle, too.

Our lives are made infinitely more complicated and stressful by our ability to pile things up that we really do not need. These pile ups might be in our personal life, our homes or even at work. The clutter that these things cause brings about a certain weight that in reality makes our lives seem sluggish, which in turn prevents us from achieving set goals, which is a very painful and stressful experience for us.

The good news is that you can change the condition of a cluttered home very easily by following some simple instructions and by picking the best ways that fit your own de-cluttering situation best.

This system includes 9 simple, easy, quick, and applicable things that you can do today in order to declutter your life and mind and to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle with a higher productivity success rate with everything that you are doing. A healthy life is pegged on how organized your home really is & this is what you are going to learn.

Book 2:

In this guide, you will discover things you wish you knew about winter car care, summer car care, auto detailing tips, interior car cleaning, how to remove scratches from car, professional car detailing, car waxing tips, car detailing products, and lots more ...