Book That Takes Its Time, A

An Unhurried Adventure in Creative Mindfulness
by Flow Magazine

Publisher: Workman Publishing

Publication Date: October 15, 2017

ISBN: 9780761193777

Binding: Paperback

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From Flow, the groundbreaking international 'magazine that takes its time,' comes the first big book in a publishing partnership that celebrates mindfulness, creativity, beautiful illustration, a love of paper, and life’s little pleasures.

A Book That Takes Its Time is both a book about mindfulness and a book that literally inspires mindfulness. It’s like a meditation retreat between two covers. You can’t hurry through it; it’s the anti-page-turner. Read an article on the benefits of journalling—then come to 'The Joy of One Thing at a Time Notebook' tucked into the book. An essay on the power of being grateful is followed by pages of illustrated 'Beautiful Moments' cards to fill in, punch out, save, and revisit. Readers will learn hand-lettering, the basics of collaging, even how to meditate while running. There’s never been a book like A Book That Takes Its Time, a book that mixes reading and doing, to help readers live a more thoughtful life and have so much fun in the process.