Blackfeet Indian Stories

by George Bird Grinnell

Publisher: Madison & Adams Press

Publication Date: December 10, 2018

ISBN: 9788026898979

Binding: Kobo eBook

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The Blackfeet were hunters, travelling from place to place on foot. They used implements of stone, wood, or bone, wore clothing made of skins, and lived in tents covered by hides. Dogs, their only tame animals, were used as beasts of burden to carry small packs and drag light loads. The stories here told come down to us from very ancient times. Grandfathers have told them to their grandchildren, and these again to their grandchildren, and so from mouth to mouth, through many generations, they have reached our time. Those who wish to know something about how the people lived who told these stories will find their described in the last chapter of this book. Contents: Two Fast Runners The Wolf Man Kut-o-yis´, the Blood Boy The Dog and the Root Digger The Camp of the Ghosts The Buffalo Stone How the Thunder Pipe Came Cold Maker's Medicine The All Comrades Societies The Bulls Society The Other Societies The First Medicine Lodge The Buffalo-painted Lodges Mika´pi—red Old Man Red Robe's Dream The Blackfeet Creation Old Man Stories The Wonderful Bird The Rabbits' Medicine The Lost Elk Meat The Rolling Rock Bear and Bullberries The Theft From the Sun The Smart Woman Chief Bobcat and Birch Tree The Red-eyed Duck The Ancient Blackfeet