Billie Holiday Biography: The Unforgettable Lady Day Feminism, Strange Fruit Controversies, Relationships, Rumors and More

by Chris Dicker

Publisher: Digital Publishing Group

Series: Biography Series

Publication Date: June 11, 2018

ISBN: 9780463936474

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Billie Holiday, also known as the Lady Day was a very talented jazz and blues singer during the Great Depression and beyond in the United States. She lived and coped during the most difficult times in the United States, especially when it comes to gender inequality, racism and discrimination. In fact, some of her songs were considered "protest songs" against racism. The most controversial song of Billie Holiday was "Strange Fruit," which both fascinated and embraced black feminism. Billie Holiday was the singer of the resistance for blacks during that time.

It was very difficult for a woman to succeed during the Great Depression in 1930s. Often she sang for pennies to make the ends meet. Billie Holiday was very honest and open to her audience. She was mostly singing and producing albums for minorities, rather than the mainstream. Billie Holiday was "Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr." combined in the music industry. She embraced the pain and channeled it through her songs. It created deep and strong bond with her listeners.

Billie Holiday (Lady Day) was one of the most significant jazz singers ever recorded. Again, her struggles and her pain can be heard in her music. She evolved from a typical torch singer into being a real innovator, singing songs about racism and injustice. Her life was reflected in her music. This what helped her to stand out from the rest of the musicians.

There were times where Billie Holiday was more famous for her wrong doings than her true talent. She was arrested multiple times for possession of drugs. Her addictions to drug and alcohol often went out of control, making her professional and personal life a disaster. You'll learn more about this here.

In this biography, you'll also learn into some depth who Billie Holiday really was as a person. What happened to her family? Who were her idols and influences for her music and much more.