Big Game Hunters: The Tale of the Lizard Baron #2

by Shon Bury, Jok & Jacob Bascle

Publisher: Space Goat

Publication Date: October 10, 2015

ISBN: 9781941581094

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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All the monsters, creatures, and ghosts the world believes to exist only in storybooks and fairytales are actually out there—until Quinn and his ragtag band of monster hunters find and kill them. Quinn’s hunters all have their own motivations. Some do it for Queen and Country. Most do it for revenge... Big Game Hunters is a fun, fast-paced romp around the Steampunk Victorian world with a disparate band of monster hunters who take on real and invented mythological creatures, as well as denizens of traditional folklore from around the British Isles and beyond. In The Tale of the Lizard Baron, Quinn and the others rid the world of a Troll from the Scottish Highlands before setting sail to a small Prussian state to save a town from a mysterious evil. "Delightfully creepy" --Josh Olson, Film Maker and Comic Book Snob