Best Beach Games

by Barry Coleman
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Publisher: Pineapple Press

Publication Date: June 11, 2015

ISBN: 9781561646883

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75 games for families to play at the beach, mostly aimed at children ages 2 to 10, with some for teenagers. Most of the games require nothing more than items found naturally on the beach.

  • Family sand silhouettes: Draw an outline of each person lying down in the sand. Use seaweed for hair, clamshells for glasses, pink shells for fingernails, etc. Take pictures!
  • Beach blanket bingo: Find similar pairs of items such as shells, driftwood, rocks. Put one of each into two different piles. Player 1 draws two grids with a shell and places items from one pile into each square of one of the grids. Player 2 gets a quick look at the grid with the items before Player 1 covers it with a beach blanket. Player 2 then has to try to replicate the item placement into the second grid. He gets a point for each one correctly placed.