The Dark One
by Tomboi

Publisher: Starlight Books

Publication Date: June 15, 2017

ISBN: 1230001720709

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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From the Introduction:

Sometimes we must search the darkness to discover the answers we seek, and find comfort in the shadows of demons.
To the ancient masters of the black arts, Belial was a most villainous demon of dissolute mind and enamored of vice. Yes his soul is hideous and vile; its exterior though is enticing with grace and dignity. He was worshipped in Sodom and in other cities of the ancient world; but never upon altars. His name means rebel or disobedient. 

It is believed that Belial was created immediately after Lucifer, and it was he who led most of the angels in revolt: he was also the first to be overthrown, and is now forced by offerings to respond truthfully to questions. But he will soon tell lies, if not commanded to tell the truth. He sometimes appears in the form of an angel full of beauty and provides dignities and favors, causes friends to live in harmony; and gives familiars. He commands eighty legions of inferior spirits, and is willing to help those who submit to him; if he refuses, it's easy to chastise him, as did Solomon, who locked him away in a bottle with all his legions of 522,280 demons. It was necessary that the bottle be of a large size.

The learned Solomon placed the bottle where Belial was imprisoned in a large pit, which he covered with a stone in Babylon: the Babylonians removed the stone; believing in it, they would find a treasure. They smashed the bottle, and all the Devils therein escaped. Belial, who had fear of being picked up, encamped in an idol that was empty and began to make truthful oracles; which made the Babylonians worship him.

He is the demon of the month of January.

This book then goes on to detail the ritual of THE MASTER CONJURATION OF BELIAL, which can be performed every New Moon until the pact (between you and Belial), bringing you success and riches beyond your wildest dreams, has been realized.