Being Grandma and Grandpa

Grandparents Share Advice, Insights and Experiences
by Emily Stier Adler & Michele Hoffnung

Publisher: Grand Publications LLC

Publication Date: August 01, 2019

ISBN: 9780578543987

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Most people over 50 are grandparents, but few have preparation for this significant role. In Being Grandma and Grandpa, sociologist Emily Stier Adler and psychologist Michele Hoffnung draw on their professional knowledge, their own experiences as involved grandparents of 10 grandchildren between them, and interviews with more than two hundred active grandmothers and grandfathers, to describe contemporary grandparenthood and offer advice. The authors offer important tips to encourage new grandparents and aid those who want new approaches to problems they have encountered. They cover topics such as how to interact with their grandchildren’s parents, ways to create good family relationships, activities to help cognitive, emotional and social development of grandchildren and how to stay connected even if you live at a distance.

What are the joys and challenges of being a grandparent? How connected do grandparents feel with their grandchildren? How frequently do they see or communicate with them? How much parenting advice should they give to their adult children? What can they do to keep connected across the miles? How do family relationships change over time? If you have questions like these, this candid, caring resource has answers.