Batting for Berlin

by Andre Leslie
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Publisher: Finch Publishing

Publication Date: December 01, 2013

ISBN: 9781925048056

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When former NSW state cricketer André Leslie, went to work in Berlin, he put all thoughts of playing cricket out of his mind. After all, Germany was the land of snow, beer and Bratwurst sausage … the last place he expected to end up was playing in the German national cricket competition! However, within a few months he had discovered a small but dedicated league of expat cricketers who defied the weather, the language barriers and the incredulity of non-cricketing Germans (who kept confusing cricket with polo) to form a team that would eventually go on to challenge for the German club championship.This charming tale uncovers Aussie Andrés well-meaning but often failed attempts at integrating into German life and his successful completion of the first ever German cricket tour of India, as he becomes one of Germanys most noted cricketers and first TV cricket commentator. Anyone who can explain the silly mid-on field position to an audience of extremely literal-minded Germans is doing well. This entertaining story of a wildly amateur cricket teams improbable success is the perfect gift for any cricket tragic!