Ballarat and District

Citizens and Sports at Home and Abroad
by M. M. McCallum

Publisher: Forgotten Books

Publication Date: January 30, 2018

ISBN: 9780243792382

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It should be clearly understood that the records are not auto — biographical. Indeed in many cases I have relied entirely on my own knowledge of men and matters during a journalistic career of nearly 20 years without calling upon the subject concerned for the requisite facts. Comment has been avoided as far as possible, the author preferring to allow facts to speak for themselves, and any semblance of comment is absolutely my own unless where otherwise specified and for which the subject concerned is in no way responsible. The book is not a series of life stories — simply a record of facts, and I am grateful to my many fellow citizens for their consent to the use in the manner shown of their names and associa tions. Subscription is payment for the book itself and not for an appearance therein.