Back to Life, Back to Normality: Volume 2

CBT Informed Recovery for Families with Relatives with Schizophrenia and Other Psychoses
by Douglas Turkington & Helen M. Spencer
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Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Publication Date: December 04, 2018

ISBN: 9781108610254

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What do I do when my son or daughter appears to be hallucinating, paranoid or has stopped looking after themselves? Written for family members and friends of those who suffer from schizophrenia and other psychoses, Back to Life, Back to Normality 2 describes the typical symptoms and problems of those suffering from psychotic disorders and discusses how a relative can best listen, interact and communicate their support. Research conducted by authors Douglas Turkington and Helen Spencer has shown that individuals without psychiatric training and qualifications can easily learn and safely use some basic cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques to help communicate effectively and provide support to their loved one suffering from psychosis. These techniques are described and illustrated with examples throughout this book, to allow carers to learn how to provide the best possible support and help facilitate a recovery for those suffering.