Babylon.js Essentials

by Julien Moreau-Mathis
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Publisher: Packt Publishing

Publication Date: March 04, 2016

ISBN: 9781785886164

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Understand, train, and be ready to develop 3D Web applications/video games using the Babylon.js framework, even for beginners

About This Book

  • Understand the basics of 3D (along with the theory) before practicing
  • Each mini-project provides previous features, alongside the new feature you are learning, to supply the examples
  • Learn from the best of the best, a developer at Microsoft, France

Who This Book Is For

Babylon.JS Essentials is intended for developers who want to enter the world of 3D development for the Web, or developers who want to add the Babylon.js framework to their skill set. The notion of Oriented Object Programming would be helpful to understand the architecture of the Babylon.js framework. Also, a familiarity with Web development would be useful, to understand the principles used.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand what the TypeScript language is and its benefits (compared to JavaScript) in large projects such as 3D engines
  • Learn the basics of 3D using Babylon.js without too much theory but with an emphasis on practice, for a better understanding of the architecture
  • Know the usage of Material—a fundamental principle of 3D engines in Babylon.js—and then customize the appearance of 3D objects
  • Integrate collisions and physics in gameplay. Understand the notion of impostor for physics simulation
  • Manage, create, and spatialize audio tracks in 3D scenes
  • Go further with the Babylon.js framework to create actions on events
  • Create rendering effects provided by the Babylon.js framework, such as post-processes

In Detail

Are you familiar with HTML5? Do you want to build exciting games and Web applications? Then explore the exciting world of game and Web development with one of the best frameworks out there: Babylon.JS.

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