At the Feet of Serenity

by Gwartney, Eve
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Publication Date: January 01, 2016

ISBN: 9781504967075

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Journal Entry by Henry Clayland, August 10, 1934: Sweetheart: We had a very enjoyable walk and talk tonight. Afterwards we went over and sat at the feet of old Serenity in Euclid Park. Remember, dear, I bought you a bouquet of gladiolas as a token of my love. In 1934 Grace photographed her favorite statue, a national monument named Serenity: the Statue of Friendship. Throughout the decades Serenity's destruction, caused by vandals, parallels the adversities of Grace's five motherless children. The Clayland family carries the burden of the message. Destruction in the Clayland family comes just as it comes to many families struggling to make everything right in a world full of mistrust, selfishness, and defiance. Social injustice weighs heavily upon Henry, the widower and Derek, his divorced son. You will observe a motorist driving through time observing the landscape of the story. The first chapter is a flash-back to the 40's. Derek, the main character, is introduced in the beginning of the story and becomes the focus of the family drama. As an adult, Derek will defy social norms and embrace an unconventional lifestyle: polygamy "Under the light of the moon, the cast of the stars, the brilliance of what the sun offered, Serenity experienced the decades upon the stationary spot that her government assigned her. She tried to remain true to her mission of friendship. Histories unfolded before her while she remained stalwart in her fortitude. Within the walls of her surroundings, upon the carpet of her world, she witnessed the corruption of new generations. She was there when the promises were broken. She was there through the wars and the rumors of wars. She was there through the demise of everything that was once beautiful and good. She saw the beauty of her surroundings decay: the beauty of the world that was meant to be. Throughout the years and the turning of the seasons Serenity became despondent. Her uninviting embrace, her trampled face, her torn ...