Assessing Chronic Pain

A Multidisciplinary Clinic Handbook
by Paul M. Camic & Frederick D. Brown
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Publisher: Springer New York

Series: Contributions to Psychology and Medicine

Publication Date: November 24, 2015

ISBN: 9781461388685

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Assessing Chronic Pain offers a unique approach to the evaluation and assessment of treatment for chronic pain patients. Rather than adhering to the criteria of any one discipline's approach to treating chronic pain, whether that of anesthesia, physical therapy, psychiatry or psychology, the editors overview a range of disciplines, and focus on the integration of those approaches to achieve what they term a "handbook", rather than a textbook, for the assessment of chronic pain from a multidisciplinary perspective. Issues confronting clinicians have been compounded by procedural problems and assessment indecision, but in Assessing Chronic Pain, Drs. Camic and Brown create a framework to guide specialists in all fields in approaching the patient suffering from chronic, non-malignant pain.