Ascended Masters Speak

by Dhyana Markley

Publisher: BookBaby

Publication Date: April 24, 2019

ISBN: 9781543969269

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ASCENDED MASTERS SPEAK By DHYANA MARKLEY Ascended Masters Speak is a compilation of Discourses, Intent Ceremonies and Moon Ceremonies, which Dhyana wrote down, that were dictated by Ascended Masters, of various Spiritual Orders, and other participants. Acting as scribe, she not only chronicled everything she saw and heard, she added her own perceptions as well. Born in 1941 in Bennington, Kansas, Dhyana has been telepathic since childhood and developing her abilities and accuracy, since then. Ascended Masters Speak is her third published book, following Ascension Lessons From Lady Masters in 2012 and Native Messages in 2017. A few of the Spiritual Orders she has served are: EAGLE EYE ADEPTS, KUMARA, MELCHIZEDEK, SEHAJI and VAIRAGI ASCENDED MASTERS. Other Honored Guests are: MOTHER GOD EOA; HER MAJESTY QUEEN ARISSA and HIS MAJESTY KING ARTEMUS of the Agartha Kingdom of Inner Earth; HATONN, A Christ Michael; SAITHRHU, the Great Divine Director and Manu of the 7th Root Race; SANAT KUMARA, Guardian of the Divine Fire, King of the World, and Ruler of Shambhala; HIMALAYA, the Ancient of Ancient Ones and Manu of the 4TH Root Race; and EGYPTIAN GODDESS, MOTHER SEKHMET. Some of the Subjects Discussed at these gatherings are: Time, Space and Your Future; The State of Your Personal World; Extraterrestrials; Trust the Divine Plan and Continuity of Life; The Truth About Truth; The Current Differences Between Males and Females; Relationships; Homosexuality; Home Within the Heart of GODDESS/GOD; Following the Path of Knowing; Getting in Touch with Your Higher Self; True Love vs. Attachment; Creator Source, Over Soul and Soul; A Dream for Our Future; Mary Speaks of Her Vision; Our Worlds Combining; Intent is the Power Behind All Manifestations; Manifesting Success to Create a Greater Unity; Our Sacred Laws; Sexually Demeaning Acts; Forgiveness; The 7th Root Race; Mitakuye Oyasin, We Are All One; Manifesting Change; About Our Water World; Everything is Illusion; Trust the ...