Arthur of Britain

Universal Archetype for Healthy Chakra Development
by Jennifer Sault
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Publisher: Balboa Press

Publication Date: September 05, 2018

ISBN: 9781982209513

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Myths are our collective dreams, our inspiration and our aspiration; they are the sacred stories that guide us in living a conscious life. One of the most beloved myths of the West is that of King Arthur and his Companions of the Round Table, and we find in this work that the spiritual teachings embodied in this myth are the same as those of the chakra system of the East. Both map the development of human consciousness from conception to self-realization. Arthur of Britain transports us to the landscape and the time of King Arthur while opening our hearts to the power of myth to transcend time and space. A retelling of some of the legends correlates the events of Arthur’s life with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges that he, and we, encounter at each chakra. Guided meditations use the archetypal symbols in the myth to help us negotiate those challenges, and bring into consciousness the wisdom and self-healing power that we all carry within. This work is a valuable contribution to both the spiritual and mythological literature as it provides a bridge between the two and highlights the similarities, rather than the differences, of diverse traditions.

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