Are You a Fake or Real Selena Gomez Fan? Volume 1

The 100% Unofficial Quiz and Facts Trivia Travel Set Game
by Bingo Starr

Publisher: Fake Fan Real Fan Publications

Publication Date: May 27, 2017

ISBN: 1230000006224

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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What is Selena’s favorite sport?

A. Swimming
B. Volleyball
C. Basketball
D. Tennis

...from Level 1 Questions: “just a warm-up”

What is Selena’s zodiac sign?

A. Gemini
B. Cancer
C. Leo
D. Aquarius

... from Level 2 Questions: “getting hotter…”

"We're not dating, we're just friends, mostly like brother and sister!" Who was Selena talking about when she said this?

A. Zac Efron
B. David Henrie
C. Justin Bieber
D. Jessie McCartney

...from Level 3 Questions: “HOT”

Where did Selena and Demi meet?

A. Sonny with a Chance
B. Brain Zapped
C. Barney and friends
D. Princess Protection Program

...from Level 4 Questions: “Super HOT”

In the movie “Princess Protection Program in 2009, what does Selena think of Carter?

A. Childish
B. Hot
C. Happy-go-lucky
D. Independent

...from Level 5 Questions: SCORCHIN’

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