Are Epidemics and Vaccinations Billion Dollar Scams?

The Truth Revealed and How a Whole New Biology Will Change, Heal and Extend Your Life!
by Donald A. Dahlin D.C.
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Publisher: AuthorHouse

Publication Date: January 12, 2018

ISBN: 9781452079639

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The author asks,"Can you answer these questions? If you cannot - you should read this book!"

  1. Where do bacteria, fungi, and viruses come from?

  2. Do they cause disease or are they the result of disease?

  3. Where do "superbugs" come from and why?

  4. What are the basic reasons for the increase of epidemics?

  5. Can epidemics be prevented without vaccines?

  6. How are vaccines made, and what do they actually do?

  7. Are vaccinations based on science or on a false biology?

  8. What is the "immune system" and how can it be enhanced?

The field of Medicine is under attack here as it has not advanced in this new century with the promise of greater health, less sickness, lower healthcare costs, but is stuck in the past where searching for the etiology of disease was replaced with a treatment of symptoms. At a time in our nation's history when healthcare expenses are huge and are being passed on to present and future generations, the truth about infection and disease must be revealed!

The medical profession's false image has been obvious**:**

"DrugCare IS HealthCare!"

An entire generation has been "kept in the dark" about sickness and disease and have been at the mercy of a medical profession that has forsaken science for a dream of huge salaries and unlimited patients seeking medical care. The medics have long-realized that drugs do not cure anything, but rather mask symptoms, alleviate pain and discomfort and are a lifetime addiction.

This book will introduce you to a WHOLE NEW BIOLOGY that will show you how your mind and body respond to natural means of living for health, healing and an extended life, because it will be under your control, to a much larger extent*.Is this your desire?*