Answers From The Akashic Records Vol 8

Practical Spirituality for a Changing World
by Aingeal Rose O'Grady & Ahonu

Publisher: Twin Flame Productions LLC

Series: Answers From The Akashic Records

Publication Date: January 22, 2017

ISBN: 9781880765562

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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In this book Aingeal Rose & Ahonu explore Euthanizing Animals, Praying For Wealth, The Truth About Religions, Enlightenment, Atlantis, Tesla, Number 4, Judgment Day, Ayahuasca, Karma, the 5th Dimension, Suicide, the Law Of Attraction, Remembering Our Dead, Wasted Lives, Medical Cures, Spirit Talk, Mixing Genes, Ideas From Aliens, and more! Some profound statements in this volume are: All challenges are gifts towards greater awareness Every experience has value The only way to release karma is to get off the wheel of judgment Everyone is always given another opportunity to realize love. The book is dedicated to those opportunities! In the previous book, Vol 7, Aingeal Rose & Ahonu answered questions about Crystal Skulls, Inner Earth, Karma, The Middle East, Money, NASA, The Pope, the Qur'an, the Sphinx, Jesus, and more. In Vol 9, the topics will be about Angels, Divorce, Planets, Bees, Crystals & more! About Aingeal Rose & Ahonu Aingeal Rose (USA) & Ahonu (Ireland) are a twin flame couple who devote their lives to helping you grow in spiritual awareness in an awakening world. Through their books, online Akashic Record sessions, podcasts, workshops, retreats and private/business consulting; they have empowered thousands of people worldwide. Drawing on over 60 years of combined experience in self-mastery and personal empowerment, they bring practical spirituality into a fast changing world so you can find it easier to live, love and grow. Aingeal Rose & Ahonu are ordained ministers in the non-denominational Alliance of Divine Love Ministry and bring that devotion into everything they do.