And Where Do We Live When We Get Older?

The future of the retirement home and alternative living options
by Ralph Villman
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Publisher: CPB-Discover Canada Ltd.

Publication Date: November 02, 2016

ISBN: 9780995049314

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The way we house our senior population today and the providing of increasing care demands is heading for a crisis. The widely adopted view that staying at home no matter what is not a very good option. Indeed, by far the largest portion of the elderly population choose to stay home for as “long as they possible can”. Moving in one of those dreaded old folks homes is out of the question, partly of course because of the cost. The well touted home care services, partly paid for by the Government, let people believe that the entire talk of moving into a retirement home is not even necessary. They believe they are well looked after and cared for while staying at home. This is dangerous thinking at best. 

This book shows the pitfalls with this kind of thinking. It shows that living at home is not a housing option which is desirable once an older age is reached, indeed, it is a very poor option. The house and home which served so well for so long is not the best place to keep on living any longer.

But where to go? Common belief is that retirement homes are, albeit costly, the first choice to live in and solves all related problems.

The author, operating himself retirement homes of various sizes for the last 26 years, shows that this view, sadly, is also wrong. By and large, many people have the wrong impression what retirement homes are, what they can do, and most importantly, what they cannot do.

In addition, the cost of staying in those retirement homes are spiralling up in spheres not affordable for many. Where do the folks go, who do not have the means to move into a retirement home?

This book shows not only the problems involved we are facing today in housing seniors, but proposes solutions, in particular, less costly solutions. Other, widely unknown alternative living options are introduced and shown in details how they work.

A must read for anyone who is concerned about living options for their own future, however ...