An Overview of Particle Physics

by Ajith Thomas
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Publication Date: March 09, 2017

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Essay from the year 2014 in the subject Physics - Nuclear Physics, Molecular Physics, Solid State Physics, , language: English, abstract: One of the prominent research areas, which have gained a lot of attention of the scientific community as well as that of the general public is the study of the basic structure of matter. 'Elementary particle physics' as it is called is a balancing act of theoretical predictions and experimental confirmations.The widespread attention and media coverage on the latest discoveries which are being announced frequently by CERN, the best particle physics study centre in the world, is undoubtedly due to the inherent interest and curiosity of human beings to understand the framework of the world they are in. This book provides an overview of the things that are going on in the micro world, to an audience who may not be specialised in science, but are interested in understanding the study of 'matter' with a little effort. Special emphazis is given to ' particle accelarators' section, which is the practical side of particle physics research.