An Invaluable Collection of Quotations on Aging and the Aging Process

by Thomas J. Strang

Publisher: Thomas J. Strang

Publication Date: May 18, 2015

ISBN: 9781311478788

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Human beings reach a peak of growth and development around the time of their mid 20s. Aging is the normal transition time after that flurry of activity. Although there are quite a few age-related changes that tax the body, disability is not necessarily a part of aging. Health and lifestyle factors together with the genetic makeup of the individual, and determines the response to these changes. Body functions that are most often affected by age include: hearing, which declines especially in relation to the highest pitched tones. The proportion of fat to muscle, which may increase by as much as 30%. Typically, the total padding of body fat directly under the skin thins out and accumulates around the stomach. The ability to excrete fats is impaired, and therefore the storage of fats increases, including cholesterol and fat-soluble nutrients.