An Arrow in the Quiver of the Lord

"Point me to the Right direction that I might not be misplaced in Life"
by Paul M Mahlobogwane
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Publisher: Booktango

Publication Date: July 01, 2015

ISBN: 9781468952742

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This book is not a science fiction but a motivational book that is written to cautiontize us not to leave a misplace life as arrows in the quiver of the Lord. Many people today found themselves misplaced because of different reason, for example, because of bitterness, arrogance, or eagerness to achieve something, or because of desire. The book is written to remind us, of the qualities that we have as arrows in the hands of God, and it explains the reason why David says, in Psalm 127:3-4 “Children are like arrows in the quiver of the Lord. Today some even live their marriages, and destroy all the good that they had built for many years simply because of a misplaced heart. People divorce, commit suicide or murder simply because of a misplace heart. Some live complicated lives simply because they have lost their mandate in life, and a result, they fail to live fulfilling lives like arrows, but instead they live like boomerang, always striving hard to find identity, exposure and breakthrough but always coming back to the same position in life, a position of striving and not succeeding. This book will help you to understand the value and significant of being an arrow in the quiver of the Lord, and why it is import to remain in the right quiver of the Lord and not any other quiver. The book outlines characteristics of an arrow, and it explains how to rise beyond people’s expectations, perceptions and the recommendations of this world, so that one should not find himself misplaced in life living a trying life instead of a triumphing life.