Alchemy Rediscovered And Restored

by Archibald Cockren

Publisher: Bhoomi Digital Apps.

Publication Date: December 13, 2016

ISBN: 1230001468861

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Alchemy Rediscovered And Restored
By Archibald Cockren

According to practitioners and students of alchemy, the body's Vital Energy, or Quintessence, is best obtained from minerals and metals. Using everyday language and an accessible style, Cockren explores the different uses and manifestations of this ancient science, from the physical to the medicinal and even the spiritual.

Archibald Cockren was a practicing physician who became disenchanted with the reductionist medical interventions of his day and sought a method of treating the whole person. This led him to alchemy, and to experiments in the Spagyric Art that produced substances of astonishing therapeutic value.

‘Alchemy Rediscovered and Restored’ is Cockren’s attempt to make the physical benefits of the Art accessible to everyone, stripped of its tortuous and mystifying symbolism. Cockren gives the reader a brief and accurate history of Alchemy, along with biographical accounts of some of the major Adepts who have figured in its story. The process of extraction of the Alchemical ‘seeds’ or vital essences of various metals is revealed, and Cockren describes the medical elixirs that can be obtained, climaxing with the final step in the Great Arcanum – the discovery of the Alkahest of the Philosophers.