Advances in Animal Biotechnology and its Applications

by Suresh Kumar Gahlawat, Joginder Singh Duhan, Raj Kumar Salar & others
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Publisher: Springer Singapore

Publication Date: May 31, 2018

ISBN: 9789811047022

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This book explores the recent advancements in cutting-edge techniques and applications of Biotechnology. It provides an overview of prospects and applications while emphasizing modern, and emerging areas of Biotechnology. The chapters are dedicated to various field of Biotechnology including, genome editing, probiotics, in-silico drug designing, nanoparticles and its applications, molecular diagnostics, tissue engineering, cryopreservation, and antioxidants. It is useful for both academicians and researchers in the various disciplines of life sciences, agricultural sciences, medicine, and Biotechnology in Universities, Research Institutions, and Biotech companies. This book provides the readers with a comprehensive knowledge of topics in Genomics, Bionanotechnology, Drug Designing, Diagnostics, Therapeutics, Food and Environmental Biotechnology. The chapters have been written with special reference to the latest developments in the frontier areas of Biotechnology that impacts the Biotech industries.