Add More -Ing To Your Life: A Hip Guide To Happiness

by Gabrielle Bernstein

Publisher: Hay House

Publication Date: February 01, 2016

ISBN: 9781401938727

Binding: Paperback

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Lots of people are selling 'happiness' these days as if it were a marketable commodity. But in her hip guide to self-transformation book,Add More -ing to Your Life,Gabrielle Bernstein shows you that happiness is a way of life.
Gabrielle will show you that it is possible to bulldoze negative thought patterns and create personal change through her special recipe of positive affirmations, physical activity and visualization meditations. In just 30 days, you will learn how to tap into your -ing- your inner source of intuition and self-knowledge that will offer you guidance and inspiration whenever you're in need of it.
Find out how your -ing guide can help you make the choice of a lifetime- the decision to embrace happiness with all your heart.
'This woman will make you smile. Forget what you thought you knew about 'self-help'. Life coach Gabrielle Bernstein has wowed the US - and now she's hit the UK to unleash a happy new you . . . a role model in how to feel good.' Glamour magazine
'I came to one of Gabrielle Bernstein's monthly lectures and got my first look at the woman I'd one day unabashedly refer to as 'my guru'. Bernstein is doling out inner peace and self-love for the postmodern spiritual set.' Elle magazine